Repentance and Forgiveness

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God gives “repentance and forgiveness of sins”. This is why people don’t really get this great business of forgiveness of sins dealt with. And this is why religious systems are built up - you keep on confessing your sins. …my beloved, God gives repentance and forgiveness. We want Him to give us forgiveness, but we don’t want Him to give us repentance. Repentance, my beloved, will cut you off from your sins. And if you don’t get repentance given to you, you will repeat your sins; and you will need them forgiving - again and again and again. “Well”, you say, “that’s what happens”. And this is the accommodating comfort of religious systems. But God gives repentance! Repentance will work in you as a loathing of yourself and sin, and abhorrence of that old life.

G.W. North. (The Holy Ghost and New Birth)

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