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One of the greatest tragedies of our day is that many want to become men before they are youths (or, for that matter, even before they are born [again]), and are wishing to run before they can walk. The Holy Spirit comes, doing a marvellous work in them, but then inadvisably the axiom 'Saved to Serve' is forced on them. Something so true in principle is thus propounded to them to their hurt. Consequently, poor babes in their 'napkins' are pushed out prematurely to do some 'service' or 'work' when they are hardly able to walk, leave alone to serve as they should or would. But when Jesus was born He was not directly pushed out, while still a babe, to serve men. Father knew that was not right, so He did not expect it of His Son; neither does He expect it from His lesser sons. Time for growth into a strong, healthy, wise and gracious spirit would have prevented many, many people from becoming spiritual and psychological wreckage. Many men and women lie out on the scrap heap today, broken; smashed; because these things we see so plainly written of our Lord and Saviour have been ignored. Hot-headed men with ill-conceived advice have led many to an untimely end in this way. 'Not a novice,' says Paul, 'not a novice.'

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