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A word from the Lord given by G.W. North at a conference in Devon, in the 1970s

“The Lord thy God requireth of thee obedience. He requireth not agreement in thy mind, but agreement in thy spirit to obey His word. Then shall understanding be granted unto thee, understanding first of the ways of the Lord by His Spirit, and understanding in thy mind of the thing the Spirit doeth unto thee. Therefore then obey the word of the Lord. For as hath been written by the same Spirit, Obedience is better than sacrifice. And God will not accept thy body even, as a living sacrifice, until thou art obedient in thy spirit. This I say unto thee unless deceitfulness turn thee aside and thou doest manufacture a way of thine own. God hath called thee to the path of obedience. All nature obeys Him, the seasons come and go at His bidding, life springeth on the earth at His word. The rain falleth, the wind bloweth, the snow cometh, the sun riseth and sets, the sea moveth to and fro. Obedience – be thou obedient, even unto death. Death to all thine ideas, death to all thy ways - death. And this I set forth unto thee in this baptism, even My death and resurrection, that it should become thy death, and with the ending of the old shall blossom forth the new. For as I end one thing, I commence another, that I the Lord thy God should be a God unto thee, and thou My people should be a people unto Me. A people of obedience and not dictation. A people of understanding and agreement, not of superior knowledge, but of grace and power, and mercy and truth.”

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