Is grace license for sin?

2 years ago
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"Is grace license for sin? Are men and women allowed to do as they please? By disregarding this commandment of God, the churches sin in a threefold manner:

(1) they perpetuate the disobedience to God which was begun in Eden;
(2) they compound the original sin by allowing personal disobedience in this matter;
(3) they shame Christ and His Church, for they act as though it does not matter; indeed in some quarters even preach against the truth. If only for the sake of the testimony to those angels who witnessed stern judgements and punishments of their fellows, all women should wear the sign. What is more, Man must insist that Woman is covered, because in the church Christ is his Head and his glory and not the woman."

(From the Book - A SIGN OF AUTHORITY Headship in the Church of Jesus Christ)
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