What it says in the Book is not true of all...

3 years ago
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"What it says in the Book is not true of all the people who call themselves churches, fellowships, assemblies, or whatever they may call themselves. It ought to be true of course."

"...The power of God will only operate by the faith of God. That's why you've go to be in the body of Jesus. That's why you've got to have the Spirit of Jesus Christ. That's why He's got to be your Lord."

"God doesn't make anything stand in anything outward... The body isn't outward. The Spirit isn't outward. The calling isn't outward. The Father isn't outward. Nothing is. The Lord isn't outward. We've got no lord on this earth. The faith isn't outward. The baptism isn't outward. It's all inward. It's all spiritual."

(Auchenheath. 1975)