A woman's head-covering is to be worn as a sign...

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A woman's head-covering is to be worn as a sign to her and her husband or father and to all men, as well as to God and the angels and satan also. It indicates that in much the same way as a body is unavoidably under its head when rightly related to it, she also joyfully confesses herself to be under her husband or father, it is a confession that she, in common with all, is under the elders of the church, and therefore under Christ, who Himself is under God.

This is no hardship where love abounds. Instead it is a delight, for it shews the correctness of the union between male and female, husband and wife, or daughter and father if she be not married.

By this she declares to all men her personal chastity and faithfulness and chastity and faithfulness of the Church to Christ.

More than all these, in the way that God has appointed, she shews forth and promises Him that the mischief wrought in the human race by Eve's insubjection to Adam and therefore to God shall not be repeated in the Church.

(From the book - A Sign of Authority)