Faith, faith, and faith isn't some sporadic, spasmodic leap

6 months ago
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"Faith, faith, and faith isn't some sporadic, spasmodic leap unto a position that you briefly hang onto like someone jumping up and getting hold of the parallel bar and hanging onto it for five minutes and dropping off. But faith is something that is like the swelling and surging of the flood of Noah's waters, bearing up the Ark.

Faith is something that often a man is not conscious of exercising.

Faith is something that I find, and testify to you, comes in the Spirit, it is a fruit of the Spirit - this kind of faith. It isn't something that I have to churn-up inside me in order to hang on for two minutes like the women who came and found healing on the robe of Christ. Touch and away! So vivid and powerful was the glory of Christ that she got what she was after. But Oh, faith as God means it it something that comes - this is my testimony to you - it isn't that a man becomes a great believer, it is what - I testify to you - it is something that comes over me and rises in me, and fills my being and consciousness that I can't think of anything else but the particular thing that's got to be done. And it's done!

"Must have great faith?" - get that idea out of your head - it's all in the Spirit!"