There comes a time when Jesus Christ proffers us His blood not to cover us

6 months ago
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"There comes a time when Jesus Christ proffers us His blood not to cover us – not to cover us. I don’t want anybody ever to pray that prayer… if you pray that, if it’s in your vocabulary, then get rid of it! If you’re going to be in this New Covenant you’ve got to drink the blood – DRINK IT! DRINK IT! Glory!

Bless God. That cup is still held in the Holy Ghost – it can be held to any lip that wants to drink it.

Jesus… the One who came and gave you a hope of Life Eternal, by giving you new blood, and giving you a new hereditary! Hallejujah! For sin comes by hereditary. Amen! It comes by hereditary, beloved.

COVERED WITH THE BLOOD! – THE BLOOD OF GOD WAS NEVER SHED TO COVER ANYTHING! It was shed that it might be caught in that cup of the Holy Ghost, that we may drink it. Drink it, drink it, until we drink it with sensibility and understanding, and know what God is about in it!

TO CHANGE US, beloved, TO CHANGE US FROM THE INFERNAL SEED TO THE ETERNAL SEED OF GOD. That’s what it’s all about. That we might know that we can live a soul-life that’s not under the workings of indwelling sin (the inherited quality). So that we can know, beloved, we have inherited the glorious strain of life that’s known in the Godhead. Yes! That’s known in the Father, and in the Son, and in the Holy Ghost. Blessed be the name of the Lord. …you and I can inherit the life of the Sinless Man."

(From the message - The Blood of Christ in the New Covenant)